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During this special time of year we are especially grateful for all of our wonderful patients. We thank you for having confidence in us and allowing us to provide you with the most comprehensive care possible.
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Richmond ENT! ūü¶É

A friendly reminder, our office will be closed Wednesday-Friday.
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Ask the Doctor: Thyroid Ultrasound

Q: Should I have a thyroid ultrasound? A: Not unless you notice a mass, swelling or discomfort in your lower neck. Otolaryngologists, dentists, and primary care physicians routinely examine the neck for evidence of head and neck cancer. ¬†In the absence of obvious tumors, there is no evidence that specifically screening the thyroid for cancer […]

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Ask the Doctor: Anesthesia Safety for Young Children

Q: Is it safe to give anesthesia to my young child? A: I have often heard anesthesiologists compare the safety of general anesthesia to that of driving an automobile. Driving or riding in an automobile could result in an unexpected, life-threatening accident through no fault of our own. Nevertheless, the chance of such an accident […]

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Ask the Doctor: Robotic Surgery

Q: Will you take it out with the Robot? A: Robotic surgery was introduced in 2009 and has recently become popular for removing certain types of head and neck malignancies, including cancers in the base of the tongue, cancers in the tonsil and oropharynx, and cancers in the thyroid. Robotic surgery is most useful in […]

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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month — Dr. Armstrong is a Volunteer Physician with AAFPRS FACE TO FACE Program

In honor of October as National Domestic Violence Awareness month, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) and FACE TO FACE have teamed up to share the following infographic to spotlight the important issue of Domenstic Violence. Dr. Armstrong is a volunteer for the FACE TO FACE program , which provides free […]

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When should I stop my anti-coagulation before surgery?

Anticoagulants are commonly prescribed to prevent blood clots in the heart, leg veins and lungs, especially in patients with a history of atrial fibrillation, artificial heart valves, deep venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism.¬† Anticoagulants will increase the risk of bleeding with any surgical procedure.¬† The need for anticoagulation should be balanced against the risk of […]

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Richmond: Sneeziest and Wheeziest City in America

Do you suffer from allergies?¬† If you live in the Richmond area, you’re certainly not alone!¬† The Natural Resources Defense Council recently named Richmond the “sneeziest and wheeziest” city in the United States, based on its combination of ragweed pollen and ozone smog.¬† Also named in the top 5 were Memphis, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia and […]

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Richmond ENT Celebrates World Voice Day 2015

Every year on April 16, otolaryngologist –¬†head and neck surgeons and other voice health professionals worldwide join together to recognize World Voice Day (WVD). World Voice Day encourages men and women, young and old, to assess their vocal health and take action to improve or maintain good voice habits. The American Academy of Otolaryngology – […]

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Guest Post: Learning from the Specialist – My time at Richmond ENT

By¬†Ava Torjani – Princeton Class of 2018 When I was first offered the Princeternship at Richmond ENT, I was given the perfect reason to be excited for an otherwise lonely spring break back at Princeton. I have had previous work experience in medicine but never in the field of otolaryngology (a.k.a. ear, nose, and throat), […]

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AuriPro‚ĄĘ Reduces Infections in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Ear Tube Placement Surgery

The last thing that a parent wants to hear after a child undergoes ear tube surgery, is that the child still has an ear infection. AuriPro is a new formulation of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin that forms a gel inside the middle ear. Placed by the ear, nose and throat specialist at the time of myringotomy […]

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