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Trust your Hearing to a Physician

Richmond ENT, in affiliation with our sister corporation Richmond Hearing Aids, provides medical evaluation and treatment for a variety of ear conditions.


Ear Aches

We frequently receive telephone requests for eardrops and antibiotics.   Unfortunately, the cause of an earache cannot be diagnosed without a proper examination. Swimmer’s ear and otitis media are two of the most frequent illnesses seen by pediatricians.   Earwax, foreign bodies, Eustachian tube dysfunction, viral infections and serious  bacterial infections of the mastoid bone can also cause ear pain and discomfort.  Pain can also be referred  from the adjacent temporomandibular joint and from the throat. A painful ear is one of the most common reasons for an ear nose and throat consultation.

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Ear surgery

The otolaryngologist is the only surgeon trained to manage problems of the ears both inside and out.  The most common surgical procedure performed on children in the United States is the placement of myringotomy tubes through the eardrum to treat otitis media.   More complex procedures include reconstruction of the eardrum and the 3 tiniest bones in the human body: the malleus, incus, and stapes.  Behind these lies the hardest bone in the human body, the temporal bone, which contains the cochlea and the nerve endings for sound and balance.

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Hearing loss

Many of us fail to notice the gradual change of hearing that occurs with natural aging.    Others experience sudden loss of hearing in one or both ears due to injury or disease.  Some types of hearing loss can be surgically corrected or treated medically.  Other types are best rehabilitated with a hearing aid.  Although hearing aids are widely available through independent retailers, state law requires hearing aid dispensers and audiologists to refer you to a physician before selling you a hearing aid. A board-certified ear nose and throat physician can provide expert advice on the cause of your hearing loss and the best type of treatment.  Trust your hearing to a physician.

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Ringing in the ears can be very annoying symptom.  Although the sound is generally harmless, it may be a symptom of a more serious disease in the ears or in the brain. Trust your hearing to a physician.

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Dizziness that is associated with a sense of motion relative to the environment is called vertigo.   While some symptoms, such as  benign positional vertigo, can be momentary and self-limiting, other types of vertigo can put you to bed for days with spinning, nausea and vomiting.  Rarely, vertigo is a symptom of a more serious brain illness.

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