Hearing loss is a medical condition. Many types of hearing loss require medical or surgical treatment. By collaborating with doctors Armstrong and Giordano, I am able to ensure that my patients receive the correct diagnosis and treatment plan before fitting them with hearing aids.


- Randy Whitlow, Hearing Specialist

Trust Your Hearing to a Physician

If you or someone you love struggles to hear, we can help. Richmond Hearing Aids is owned and operated by the board certified ear, nose and throat physicians at Richmond ENT.  As specialists in diagnosing and treating hearing loss, we thoroughly understand the impact that hearing loss can have on the quality of your life. We are dedicated to evaluating and monitoring your hearing, as well as providing the technology to help you manage your hearing loss. Our goal is to be your leading hearing health care resource. We provide thorough hearing examinations and take time to educate you about available treatment options. We then maintain follow-up care to ensure your long-term comfort and satisfaction.



Services We Provide:

  • Hearing Testing
  • Hearing Aid Fittings
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Specialty Products
  • Cell Phone Access
  • No Interest Financing

All Hearing Aids Include:

  • 45 day return policy
  • 3 year comprehensive warranty
  • 3 years of follow-up service
  • 3 years of batteries and supplies