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Adenoidectomy Postoperative Instructions

Postoperative pain varies from one to ten days, but is generally much milder than after a tonsillectomy. Pain medication is not usually prescribed, as Tylenol is generally sufficient. Your child may resume school or play as soon as he/she is comfortable. Most patients resume normal diet and activity within the first 3 days. Tonsil and adenoid pain often radiates to the ears, even if ear surgery was not performed.

Drink plenty of fluids and eat soft foods as tolerated. Small children need at least four cups of fluid daily, and adults need eight cups. Do not worry excessively about nutritional balance or caloric intake. Fluid intake is more important.

  • Mouth odor is expected
  • Nasal congestion may be present for the first two weeks following surgery
  • Slight fever (99-101) may last for up to 5 days
  • Speech and swallowing may be awkward for several days or weeks
  • Bleeding is unlikely unless tonsillectomy was performed