Richmond’s Laser Skin Care Specialists

Preparing For Surgery

Depending on your health and the complexity of the procedure, we will perform your surgery in the office, at Stony Point Surgery Center , at Johnston-Willis Hospital, or at Henrico Doctor’s Hospital . We will provide printed instructions and a written list of risks for each surgery. If you did not receive this information, please contact our nurses. Prescriptions will be faxed to the pharmacy you indicated to us on registration. Call your pharmacy to verify receipt, and pick up your prescriptions before surgery. Certain antibiotics and steroids may be prescribed to begin up to a week before the scheduled procedure.

Office Surgery

May be scheduled directly with our nurse or receptionist. You may generally eat and drink normally before office surgery, but you may be wise to bring a driver, in case of discomfort or oral sedation. For most cases, we recommend that you wear a washable, button front shirt that does not need to be pulled over the surgical site or surgical dressing. Women may wish to wear a washable tank top or camisole for privacy and for protection of their outer garments. Jewelry and make-up must be removed before facial surgery. Please arrive 30 minutes early if you require oral premedication.

Outpatient Surgery

The vast majority of surgeries are scheduled next door at the Stony Point Surgery Center . This fully accredited ambulatory surgery center is the largest in Virginia. Dr. Armstrong is the past chief of staff of the surgery center and remains an active member of its many boards. Please go to their web site for pre-registration and preoperative instructions .

Inpatient Care & Observation

Patients who may require overnight observation and inpatient care may be scheduled at Henrico Doctors Hospital  or Johnston-Willis Hospital .  You will have to register in person several days in advance, as blood tests, EKG and other tests may be required by the anesthesiologists. They will provide preoperative instructions when you arrive.

Notice of Financial Interest

Dr. Armstrong is an investor in Stony Point Surgery Center. Similar services are available elsewhere in Richmond.