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Why should I only use a small amount of product?

Many times we put a product into our hand and spread it on the face, and it feels so good that we add a little more…and a little more…and then maybe just a bit more. As good as this may feel, it’s the equivalent of squirting your money into the trash! Your skin is permeable, meaning it will let products penetrate into it. Yet this penetration has a limit. Once the skin has reached its limit, anything else applied to the skin will simply sit on top where all products are ineffective and then it can even become an irritant to the  skin. For instance, a thick moisturizer is wonderful for skin to help maintain the hydration level during sleep, but if you apply too much, it can sit on top and block air from entering the skin and thus cause your skin to secrete more oil in an attempt to remove the foreign substance. This causes oil to build up and pool in the skin, which is a perfect breeding ground for a pimple to form.

Most complete skin care regimens consist of a cleanser, followed by the toner, a treatment serum (or two), a moisturizer (with sunscreen for the day, without for the night) and an eye cream.  With a serum, or two and a moisturizer being applied to the skin, only a very small amount of each is needed to achieve effective product penetration. Most serums recommend a pea-sized or dime-sized amount of product that is meant to cover the area from the décolleté (top of the chest to the collarbone, and from shoulder to shoulder) all the way to the forehead.  The moisturizer is usually a nickel-sized amount as this product is meant to sit closer to the surface of the skin as a protectant. If you’re unsure of how much of a product to use, call (804)-330-5501 or click here to schedule an appointment!